There are lots of great kid's movies these days, which was certainly not always the case. However, many members of Generation Z are going to grow up with fantastic films available to them in the twenty-first century on websites like Netflix. Netflix might update its libraries all the time, so kids are not always going to be able to watch all of these films. However, people should rejoice when movies like these are available on their streaming websites.

1. Coraline

Few movies have managed to capture the imagination as much as Coraline. This story manages to feature some of the most beautiful animation ever put to film. Its original and dark story should appeal to people of all ages and not just children, and it features a spunky female protagonist and major minority characters without preaching.

2. Disney's the Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Disney Renaissance of the 1990's is hailed as one of the best time periods for animation, and the Hunchback of Notre Dame is quickly becoming seen as one of the best films of that era. While it is very dark for a movie aimed at all ages, many kids are going to be receptive to its moral messages about tolerance, friendship, and justice. The surprisingly complex story, gorgeous animation, rich characters, and unforgettable music should manage to enthrall people of all ages.

3. Holes

This is a film that more mature young kids and preteens will love. It's based on a children's classic, which is always a good sign. The child and teen actors who bring the film to life do a good job of recreating the classic characters, as do the adult characters who lend more maturity to the proceedings.

4. Jumanji

Before people see any remake or sequel based on this, they should make sure their kids have seen the classic original film with the late and great Robin Williams. The film has some surprisingly mature messages about finishing what you start and how it is never too late to apologize.

5. Mulan

Mulan is another class from the Renaissance era of Disney animation, and many people have been thrilled about the overtly feminist lessons that it has in a package that is going to entertain and educate at the same time. Kids will absorb the message while appreciating the engaging story line and catchy songs.

6. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

This is a movie favorite for Generation X children, and it has managed to be just as entertaining for the kids of Generation Z and their Millennial parents. Few films are as in touch with the spirit of childhood as this one. This is a film that captures 'pure imagination.'

7. Matilda

Another Roald Dahl classic realized on screen, this is a movie that is going to make kids more passionate about learning right away. The engaging child performances and the passionate work by adult actors really helps make this movie memorable, and wh could forget Pam Ferris as Miss Trunchbull?

8. The Land Before Time

This is a movie that will probably be better for kids than adults, and Generation Z might be savvy enough to recognize the dated depictions of dinosaurs. However, it still contains engaging and authentically childlike characters, as well as good lessons about not taking the easy route.

9. Harriet the Spy

The children's classic is something worth reading, but this 1990's film version is going to seem more familiar to Generation Z kids, who will only wonder why Harriet doesn't write in a tablet other than a notebook. The film teaches children some of the harsh lessons of childhood, such as making difficult apologies. Many of the child characters seem much more realistic than most of the others that people are going to see today.

10. Frozen

It is true that lots of adults are tired of the movie at the moment, but this should pass. It is still a great movie about sisterhood and being yourself, and there is a reason that people of all ages and genders have loved it so much. If parents don't mind hearing the film's iconic 'Let It Go' tune again, Frozen is still worth showing kids who haven't seen it yet.