There are always lots of great movies trending on Netflix. Many people are able to find old favorites that way. Hidden gems are harder to find in that same way almost by definition, but people's definitions vary substantially when it comes to the popularity of a given movie. The netflix movies are going to enthrall Netflix viewers from every generation, even though the Netflix movies that are trending come from vastly different time periods.

1. Sleepy Hollow

This 1999 update of the classic from the nineteenth century is well worth watching after nearly twenty years. Johnny Depp is in his prime here playing an Ichabod Crane that has been updated as a rationalist detective investigating the strange murders in a remote area, where he gets more than he bargained for in every way. If people can set aside the recent controversies involving Johnny Depp and the recent creative downturn involving Tim Burton, this is a great film to watch.

2. Back to the Future

This is the 1985 classic film that has more or less set the stage for all time travel movies that have been created since then. The protagonist must find a way to preserve the time line that created him, or he faces being erased from history. This film has managed to age much better than most 1980's films, and people born well after it was made will love it.

3. Mean Girls

This film has become the quintessential teen movie, perhaps apart from darker films like Heathers. It is one of the cultural touchstones of the Millennial generation. However, Generation X adults will still love it, even though all the 2000's characters have cell phones. Generation Z teens will still love it, even if the 2000's characters don't have smartphones or social media. Mean Girls features a home-schooled girl getting indoctrinated into the politics of high school life for the first time, with humorous and often disastrous results.

4. The Addams Family

This 1991 film demonstrates that even remakes and adaptations can become classics in their own right. Christina Ricci's interpretation of Wednesday Addams really manages to hit the spot for a lot of people, and the macabre adventures of her unusual family should manage to delight people from many generations.

5. 50 First Dates

Romantic comedies have a negative reputation in general, and 2000's romantic comedies tend to be hated even by the fans of the genre. However, this one is a rare keeper. It features a woman with no short-term memory in a relationship in which her boyfriend has to more or less win her over every time they meet. This film proves that even Adam Sandler has a soft side.

6. Back to the Future Part II

This film manages to be even more satisfying than the first for a lot of people today, since the characters travel to 2015. The year 2015 has now come and gone now, and people enjoy making time line comparisons. It captures the spirit of the original with some added gags. Some of the film's predictions about the future were perfect. Others manage to add some additional comedy to the movie.

7. Back to the Future Part III

Here, the Back to the Future series continues with the protagonist going back to the distant past in 1885, thus exploring the time travel aspect of the series in even more depth. People can spend more time with these classic characters during their Netflix viewing adventures, which can start to feel like time travel in their own right.

8. The Wedding Planner

This film may not be the most challenging thing that people are going to find on Netflix, but it is an affable enough romantic comedy that should make for a decent enough date night. Jennifer Lopez plays a wedding planner who falls for one of her clients. The film may be predictable enough, but it should manage to stir up feelings of nostalgia, and offers its share of warm emotions.

9. The Little Prince

The classic children's book gets a Netflix original film update here. Many people will love the gentle animation and the way that this film preserves the classic without creating a version that is just a carbon copy of t. This film demonstrates the creative power of the Netflix team. People of all ages should love a movie like this in an era where animated films are not just for kids.

10. What Women Want

Some people might have a hard time watching this movie, knowing what they know about Mel Gibson now. However, if people can set that aside or if they want to set that aside, this romantic comedy does have a positive message about a misogynist learning to finally see things from women's perspective and managing to succeed romantically as a result.