Are you using Netflix to the best of your abilities? If you think that streaming is difficult because with Netflix you can't go from one show to the next or you can't get a video clip of your favorites because they don't show previews, on the contrary there are a lot of great tips that you can walk away from Netflix with!

Use these key pointers to help you to get in touch with Netflix and you can make the experience more enjoyable.

1. Stream Netflix online

If you find that you're using a Roku device, you may notice that you can't get video clips and trailers for the different shows that you're watching. But if you go online through a tablet, or even if you use your smartphone, you can stream the trailer if you quickly go to a site like Fandango or even to M-GO.

2. Stream Netflix from your tablet or smartphone for consistent streaming.

If you put your Netflix account on your smartphone or even onto your tablet or other mobile device, you'll find right away that when you get ready to watch Netflix it will stream from one show to the next automatically. This is an automatic feature and it is a glitch that people have found they don't have when they're using a Roku device.

3. Use your laptop or tablet to control the new content that comes in

If you're looking at your TV, you may not find all of the shows readily accessible that you're looking for. If you want to quickly find new shows and have them come right up on your tablet or your smartphone, you can quickly stream through with your index finger as you scroll from one side of the screen to the next.

4. Share your Netflix account within your home

Maybe you've heard about recent news on Netflix password sharing being illegal, but you might be shocked if you didn't know that you cannot share your Netflix account outside of your household. Yup, you can't have your Netflix account on two different types of accounts that you have outside of your household, but it does allow for sharing within your household. That means if you want to watch Netflix on your TV in the bedroom as well as your TV in the living room or in the den you can set it up to use both TVs because it allows for two devices with a standard contract.

5. Extend your service contract

If you're thinking about adding someone else into your account and you want to be able to share your password with them, there is a legal way to do this. Just increase the number of users that you have and while you may have to spend an extra amount of money as a surcharge, this will ensure that you were following all of the legalities involved with having a shared password.

6. Check articles for new shows coming out each month

Every month there are different sites that will tell you what shows are coming out for Netflix for the following month, so that way if you want to find out when is the final season of Game of Thrones and when it will be available or if House of Cards is coming up soon, you can do so. Just check the other sites. Sometimes other sites like the Newsfeed in Roku or video clips on will post what's new and show a video for types of shows that are available and they will do this at the end of each month.

7. Save money on your Netflix account

If you are thinking about getting a Netflix account and you haven't tried it yet or if you receive an email from them telling you that your price is about to go up to $9.99 per month, you can switch from HD to standard definition and this will actually keep your price at $7.99!

For more great tips like these and ways to help you to enhance your Netflix user experience, be sure to check out the different articles that come out about Netflix and other ways that can help to optimize your streaming content!