If you're looking for an alternative to Netflix, you may want to check out Dish Network. Cord cutters have broken away from Netflix because they are finding that they don't like not having live TV or having really recent shows. If you've been on Netflix then you know they may only have 1-3 really new movies a month. With dish.com, you can have the Dish network and your Mydish is the perfect way to add all the content you want. Whether you are new to dish.com or you are returning, you may want to go into the dish network to see the new chagnes that are coming to mydish. For example, there's a partnership between Dish network and Netflix where you will be able to still get your Netflix channel. That's right, and there's more...

Why you need to switch back to dish.com or sign up

Dish.com is the perfect way to enjoy your cable the way you want. A lot of people question if they really want a dish network account because they're not sure of the advantages with dish.com, but you can add all the channels you want and basically build your package. That means that if you were a cord cutter but you hate not having live TV, you can get the basic Dish.com package that can give you all the channels and you can still save a ton of money.

With mydish, a great feature that you will enjoy is being able to access your dish network on your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. The advantage is that you can check out your favorite shows whenever you want and the streaming packages are always accessible so you can add on your favorite channels. This has been a problem with cord cutters because if you have a Roku or Wii, for example, you more than likely tried to build up your content so you had sites like Netflix, Hulu, ABC and CBS. Then you found out that CBS wanted to charge for current content and Netflix wasn't airing a lot of new content so it made your back up Hulu and that's just not enough content for anyone who's going online. With the Dish network you can have great shows all the time and you don't have to worry about hours of complete silence while you click buttons trying to get to the right show - or a current show, for that matter!

Starting a new dish network account

If you are starting a new Dish account, you can do it online. This is a preferred advantage because you can set up the request for a cable installer to come to your home and they can walk you through installing the satellite at your home. If you've never had dish.com before or had a Mydish account, then you need to know that a satellite may need to be installed. If you're in an apartment building, the previous tenant may have had a Dish satellite, but if not, you may need a new installation and the technician may need access to your balcony for the best signal, or the roof of your home. Not to worry though, as the satellites are very small and discreet and they will also give you the strongest internet connections despite harsh weather conditions.

To set up your new Mydish account, just go to dish.com and you can follow the prompts for the Dish network account features. The benefit in installing your Dish network account is that you will have the best cable installed, you can get your favorite channels and you can have your Mydish account set up with your dish.com user ID and password that you set up. It can also help with convenient bill payment features and easy ways to watch your shows on your smartphone, tablet and cellphone so don't worry about not being able to enjoy your shows because you can take them with you wherever you go. When you look at your Mydish account, if you have any problems or if you need technical support, you can always contact Dish.com and the Dish network support team can help you. This can happen if you're new to Dish.com and you need to access your Mydish features. If for example you need help with your account or you forget your password you can contact Mydish and use the "Forgot password" tab to help you. When you speak to a representative at the Dish network they can also troubleshoot any problems you have with your Dish account. Sometimes people have a new dish.com account and they are unsure about the satellite service or they may be concerned that they won't have the best connection, but you will be able to enjoy all the best shows when you start your Dish network account. Sign up today!