With the hustle and bustle of life, you don't usually have a lot of time to run by the bank, so you run to the nearest ATM. If you are not a client of the bank that owns that ATM, you will be charged to use it and then your bank will charge a fee for using an ATM, not in their network, those little charges can add up. Fifth Third Bank knows that having access to fee-free ATM transactions, and having a wide array of locations for those transactions, is also important.

ATMs are a part of a vast network that allows you to access your money from wherever and whenever needed. According to a press release put out by Fifth Third Bank and also Bankrate the national average ATM surcharge and other fees are $4.52 per transaction. If you made only one transaction per week, it would cost a little over $200.00 a year in fees. That may not sound like much, but it does add up especially if you visit an ATM often.

Dream of JEANIE® 53bank Leads the Way to First U.S. Shared ATM Network

The first Automatic Teller Machine or ATM was put to use in 1969 in New York by a bank just for its account holders. But in 1977, Fifth Third Bank based out of Cincinnati Ohio, introduced JEANIE® which was the first shared ATM network in the United States. The ATM began growing in popularity in the 1980's when their functional abilities began to increase, making deposits and transfers between accounts easier with no waiting in line. ATM usage fees began in the late 1980's when one bank in Nevada began charging for the use of their ATM by consumers that did not have an account at their bank. The first surcharge started a new trend; banks, regional and national networks began allowing an ATM surcharge which has increased over the years as financial institutions realized the earning potential of these charges.

How to Avoid ATM Charges

You should not have to pay a fee to get to your own money. There are several things you can do to avoid paying these annoying charges. Some tips on how to avoid ATM fees entirely come from an article written in Today

First stay within your bank's network. Search for a bank such as First Third Bank who is also known as 53bank for your banking needs. On 07/11/2016, 53bank.com announced in a news release that they joined Allpoint® ATM network, one of the largest ATM networks, which will give their customers 45,000 fee-free ATM locations nationwide. You can use the ATM locator, which will include all of Fifth Third Bank's ATMs locations and partner ATMs all are fee-free.

Look for a bank that will reimburse ATM fees. If you do all your banking online only, look for a bank that will reimburse ATM fees. There are some online only banks that will do unlimited reimbursement and some will have a limit.

If no network ATM is close, minimize or consolidate your use. Making fewer trips to your favorite ATM will save time and money. Kick the habit of daily visits to the ATM and just go once a week taking out what you need for the week.

Best way to avoid charges? Skip the ATM altogether. When making purchases, use your debit card and get cash back at check out, avoiding getting caught in the surcharge racket of the ATM world. But be careful some places might charge a cash back fee. You can avoid this by asking the clerk if they charge for cash back.

Changing habits or even changing banks can be a hassle, but saving money by not being charged to get to your money will make the changes worthwhile in the long run. First Third Bank is a bank that knows that not everyone has a cushy savings and that living paycheck to paycheck is the norm, so they set out to make life more convenient for their clients. 53bank is a curious bank asking questions and listening to its customer's goals, dreams, and concerns. Their care and concern enable them to meet your needs and simplify your life.