Are you looking for new shows on Netflix? If you're thinking about setting up a account, you may be surprised to learn that Netflix is doing well in the United States but is not doing so well overseas in certain countries like China. That's because when you look at Netflix and how they are scaling themselves overseas, there are different regulations and restrictions that Netflix has to go to around the world. In the United States, we get exposed to so much great content from Netflix and you can watch it whenever you want. You can watch movies, and you can watch documentaries and check-out old TV shows so that you can stream content all weekend long. All you need is to go to and access accounts. You can then go in and sign up for Netflix for $7.99 or $9.99 a month for high definition, and you can have the basic standard Netflix or you can view in HD.

Netflix around the world

When you travel around the world though, it's a different story because Netflix while they try to successfully scale themselves internationally has met with some resistance overseas as we previously mentioned. If you go in to today, you'll find that there are different types of shows available at and not only does your give you access to different account features and different shows that are available in other countries such as Italy, the UK, and different parts of Nigeria and South Korea, for that matter, but Netflix is exploring other ways to share the content globally. One problem that's coming in to play for is that they're having an issue as it relates to getting content into China and this is a similar move that Apple and Facebook experienced in trying to get into China because of strict regulations.

Netflix has been in the news recently because they had a change to their site. There was a lawsuit where someone was fined and charged with a felony for sharing their content and password with someone else. While this is something you should be aware of, you are allowed to have two devices within the same home hooked up to one account. If you do decide that you want to add additional people onto your account or if you want to share your account with someone outside of your home, you have to increase the number of users on your account for an addition surcharge.

The problem Netflix is having with China is because of content, but others might think it's because of sharing rights and China trying to pirate the information that's shown on This has been a growing concern for many who want to work in China or expand their services and scale their content there. It's also a concern because China has had so many problems with pirating and illegally stealing movies, DVDs and even software that it makes it hard for US based businesses to work with them. The growing problem with China has more to do about restrictions on cable and what customers may see or be exposed to and we'll explore this area next.

Why are there so many problems with getting into Asia?

One of the reasons that China is giving a lot of grief to Netflix is because of record regulations and strict limits that they have on the content that they want the public to be able to see. China has strict guidelines as it relates to different ways to look at content and what can be perceived as going against their specific views and what the government wants the public to see. They also want to ensure that they're able to monitor and supervise what their people are able to watch so if you're thinking about looking at a Netflix account for your friends in China or even family who have been trying to get Netflix there, it may be some time before shows up in China.

This is not new information, but it's something that has happened in the past with companies like Apple as well as Facebook. As more companies are trying to work in China and get their content there, they have to explore other ways to share content around the world and focus on other countries.

If you are thinking about starting a account, you can actually sign up for a free trial and that will give you 7 days of access to Netflix. All you have to do is go to and sign up for the free trial and then after that you can decide if you want to keep Netflix. If you do keep your Netflix account, you will then be charged $7.99 per month for a standard subscription or you will be charged for a higher definition or HD if you want to accept the $9.99 charge. Sign up for Netflix today to enjoy great content and you can go to the website