If you are a big movie fan, chances are you've already checked out all of the shows on Hulu, you've checked out Amazon and you know everything that's on Netflix so you know when new movies come out! You may also know that Hulu and Amazon are playing catch-up with Netflix.

Who has the best content?

When Hulu made a big move a few years back, they added Starz and now that they're able to show Starz movies on their channel, some people have switched over to Hulu and then they realized that Starz only actually gives one extra movie a month, on average. So mainly the content stays with Netflix.

Amazon, on the other hand, started making changes, too. If you have an Amazon account and you're using Amazon Prime to stream movies, then you may notice also that new movies don't come out as often or they may have one or two movies that you find in your line up each month that really and truly counts as "new".

One of the reasons that people turn to Netflix is aside from having movies, Netflix also has TV shows, documentaries and even videos. If you're thinking about looking at different types of shows that are coming out, you have to factor in if you want to pay an extra surcharge or just stick with the content that Netflix has.

Netflix's increasing content

A great reason to tune into Netflix is because they're also offering diverse content in different parts of the world so if you want to see movies that were made in South Korea, or even Nigeria, Netflix is actually increasing the amount of content that they have. Another reason that they're doing this is its part of their scaling strategy. That's because so many people have complained and mentioned that there wasn't enough content and they want to work to ensure that they satisfy hungry customers who really want to see newer movies, not just movies that are new to Netflix but are from 1996.

You can go into Netflix right now and check out great movies like Spotlight, the Big Short, Minions, Kung Fu Panda and other top movies. The only problem that people find with Netflix is there just aren't enough newer movies when they go in. Customers who are shopping for movies want to see more new shows and that's where you have to check with the monthly list of upcoming movies so you can see what's available because Netflix will usually come up with about a hundred different movies, sometimes less and sometimes more. The problem is they may not all be brand new movies that were just released. Don't blame Netflix for this. It's the movie production companies that don't want to release them right away because they want you to pay for them in on-demand service companies like Fandango, Google Play, iTunes, M-Go and other sites.

If you've ever gone into Netflix and asked, "Where are the movies?" Netflix has been answering. Because Netflix is offering more movies and they are working on deals with Disney for example, and different types of companies that can help to bring new content to Netflix, it's causing Hulu and Amazon to have to play catch-up because people are turning to Netflix as their all-in-one and canceling subscriptions with Hulu and Amazon.

Why Netflix is winning the streaming game

When you set up your Netflix account, you have to factor in that they offer a lot of top content because when you have a Netflix account you access movies as well as TV shows. While Hulu shows TV shows, you can always get the same shows on the ABC app, the NBC app or even the FOX app. Because Amazon doesn't offer free TV shows for the most part, and you have to pay for them, this means that Netflix is still in the lead and they may be for some time to come. Let's just hope that they come out with more than one movie per month. As it stands though, they are consistently coming out with their own new shows and we love House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, so Netflix, keep it coming! Just add more mainstream movies that customers want to see! And more than once a month, please…