What kind of horror movie buff are you? What are you up for this weekend? If you are thinking about checking out new horror movies in Netflix, at the movie theater, or if you're looking for just new horror movies to watch over a long weekend you might be surprised to learn that there are a lot of great horror flicks that you may want to keep the lights on for!

Things that go bump in the night…

One of the reasons that we love our horror flicks is because they can make us terrified to go to sleep, then they make you want to check in the closet before you go to bed and you definitely want to check under your bed, too.

If you're thinking about a top horror flick that will definitely keep you up all night, then make sure to check out any of the older series of horror flicks such as Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th or I Know What You Did Last Summer. Some of these are classics and the best horror flicks that can definitely give you a laugh and at times, if you're new to horror flicks, they will also give you a good fright.

Why horror flicks draw us in…

One of the reasons that these horror flicks stand out is because they start out with simple things like everyday things such as walking home by yourself at night, or trying to leave school and assuming that the good guy is not really a bad guy, or a serial killer!
Another reason that these horror movies took off so well is because they had sequels and everyone was geared up for the sequel because they were excited about seeing their favorite heroine running half naked through the grass, or maybe they were thinking about the bad guy such as Freddy Krueger with his long nails and his hideous face and skin!

There are other types of horror movies that you can watch and there are some that will definitely be cringe-worthy movies that you may want to definitely keep the light on for. Be sure to for great horror movies and terror movies like Shutter, The Forest, The Conjuring, The Ring, and other movies that will have you staring at the screen through your fingers and wondering what's going to happen next.

A great reason these movies are so interesting and they keep our attention is because when you take a movie like Unfriended which is a top horror movie that just recently came out, it will have you staring at the screen because you have to read the text and email messages that the cast is reading and you're not sure really who done did it!

Action horror movies

If you're looking for other types of horror movies that involve aliens, you can definitely check out the Alien series, you can look at the Predator series and you can even check out movies like Alien vs. Predator if you want to see WWE match ups where the alien takes on the predator!

One recommendation with horror movies as some of the newer movies can be extremely horrifying, just make sure there are no young children present because you don't want to scare or startle them, and you definitely want to make sure you see these movies with friends so you can have a lot more fun! When you're in a theater, remember, it's the noise and the speakers as well as sitting in the dark that can be most terrifying. While you might hear someone chomping on popcorn, if you're home watching one of these flicks, you may find that your popcorn ends up on the floor or in the lap of the person who tried to scare you while you were watching one of these horror flicks!

Another great way to see movies like this is to turn out all of the lights and sit right in front of the TV and just get absorbed into this new reality! For all kinds of great horror movies, be sure to check out the Shudder Channel, and also look for movies in Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.