Are you using your American Express and tapping into all of their great advantages? With your American Express card, you may find that your Amex login gives you advantages than you thought. Some people may not realize it, but American Express has changed their features and services dramatically. You can actually go to the American Express website and use your Amex login to pay bills with points. Yup, it's a great new feature and one of the best ways to pay with points. To do this, go online to the American Express website and you will see how to pay for your monthly bills with points. You will also see different types of reward features and services that you can use with your American Express card.

Setting up your American Express account

To start a new American Express Plenti Rewards account, go to and set up a new user account. You will be given an Amex login and you can then set your user ID information and password. As you explore the site's features, you will see the dashboard is easy to view and navigate. There are different types of rewards offers that are available through American Express and you can start using these when you accrue points.

For example, if you have an American Express card, you can use your rewards card to pay your monthly bills with points and rewards cash that you earn from using your card. You can shop at all the major stores with your American Express card then use your AMEX login to pay your bills at Macys, Hulu, Netflix Exxon Mobile Gas and other companies where bill payments using points can be a big cost savings incentive.

A great way to shop and pay bills with points: Plenti Rewards

The reason that people are starting to use their rewards privileges with American Express Plenti Rewards in this matter if it's a great way to rack up points and get free stuff! You're already going to be paying for your monthly bills like Netflix or your gas bill and if you use your American Express card, rewards points will add up and you can use the feature for all kinds of bill payments. You can even use your points for gift cards if you want to get a gift card for someone around the holidays – and they'll never know you did it with points.

When you set up your AMEX login and your card, you're going to go to American Express website. You don't have to have your American Express card to login either. You can use your Amex login and this will help to give you access to all of the great features. One of the reasons to tap into the Plenti Rewards program is it will give you more cash back in different ways that you can use your rewards.

Stores you can shop in with your AMEX login

You can use your points for American Express business cards, American Express corporate cards, student cards, and even small business cards to accrue future rewards points. When you start using your American Express card to pay for your bills, you will find that the points transfer over to cash money that you can use for bills, gift certificates or cash that will come in the mail in the form of a check. To use your card for rewards points, if you pay for your Netflix bill, 1000 points is going to be $10 in savings. So you see, there are two great ways to use your card, use it to pay bills and accrue points, then turn your points into cash you can use that to pay your bills. You can actually use your points for payments and you can earn different types of points that you may want to use at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Expedia, Rite Aid Pharmacy, Mobil Gas, Exxon Gas, AT&T and Macy's, Netflix or Hulu.

American Express Plenti Rewards perks

You can also use your American Express card and the Amex login to help you to use your points towards shopping online at over 800 retailers. You can shop at great stores like ProFlowers, Home Depot, Staples, QVC, Microsoft and Nike. If you're shopping around the holidays or for a birthday, this is a great incentive because you don't even have to use cash because you can use your rewards points. If you're looking for other ways for online entertainment, you will definitely find that this is a great way to save money and use points for your future payments. With your American Express card, just go to the American Express website, and you will be able to take advantage of different types of offers and features that they have to help you buy groceries and household items. This is a great way for you to shop online for different types of purchases that you may want to make on a daily basis. Shop with American Express and use your American Express card for your purchases and your Amex login on the site to get more information on the Plenti Rewards Program!