Netflex has been creating a lot of really great shows as of late, and the Defenders is one of them. This is the age of the genre fiction renaissance, which has been ongoing since around the 1990's, and which has managed to hit a fever pitch in the past ten years or so. Netflex itself has managed to hit its own renaissance, and it has managed to become a popular and successful creative producer since around 2013. Ever since Orange is the New Black demonstrated that Netflex original series can easily compete with the televised series, net flix has been churning out some of the best shows that people can imagine. People should know that the Defenders will be one of them.

1. Everyone's favorite new superheroes will be there.

Jessica Jones was an obscure figure in the comic book world as recently as a couple of years ago, known only to the Generation X fans of comic books and the fans of the most hidden of the hidden gems in the comic book world. Today, she is an international super star and one of the most popular of the female superheroes in a world that needs more female superheroes. While female superheroes are still struggling to get onscreen, in the Golden Age of Television, there are lots of female superheroes. Supergirl, Liv Moore, and Jessica Jones are just the most famous, and Jessica Jones is going to make a new appearance as one of the leads in the Defenders.

Daredevil and Luke Cage have also been prominently featured in Marvel series now, and they're going to be joining the main cast of the Defenders. People are excited about seeing all of these three superheroes in their own shows. Now, seeing them together at last in one show is like reading the best piece of crossover fan fiction ever, and that is what people have here.

2. All of the original actors are returning.

People have had to deal with the fact that there have been three versions of Spider-man over the past twenty years, and the character has been re-cast over and over again. The fans of one version over another are getting tired of this constant turnover, and people have a tendency to dislike re-casts in general.

This is not the case for the Defenders. Mike Colter is back as Luke Cage, Krysten Ritter is back as Jessica Jones, and Charlie Cox is back as Daredevil. In fact, many of the supporting characters from their respective canons are going to be back as well, and they are also all played by their original actors. People are not going to have to wait for more of their favorite characters to be played by the actors that they miss. Netflex shows value consistency.

3. More representation of some minority characters.

The days in which people never saw superheroes who were not white, disabled, or female seem to be over, if shows like the Defenders are any indication. People will have a female superhero in Jessica Jones, a black superhero in Luke Cage, and a disabled superhero in Daredevil. The balance makes all the difference in the world. The Avengers are almost entirely white men with few other distinguishing features or representations, and many people have been frustrated with the fact that the few female characters in that series have managed to get overshadowed or robbed of their power in some way or another. This is not going to be anywhere near as much of a problem in this new series, which has been made in the new 2010's tradition of increased diversity.

4. A fantastic team that is actually well-balanced and makes sense as a crime-fighting team.

People should consider all of the powers that this new team is going to have. One of the problems with the Avengers has always been that the character of Thor has almost made most of the rest of the team completely redundant. It is going to be hard for anyone to compete with a character who is literally a god. There are no gods on the Defenders team. However, the Defenders team does have a great deal of talent and a lot of people who managed to balance out each other's personality traits and skills. This is a team that actually makes sense as a team. People would expect nothing less from a Netflex series.

5. Wonderful plot possibilities.

People can expect all sorts of great things from a team like this. The superheroes all got their own origin stories explained in the series in which they starred as the title characters. Now, people will get the chance to actually see all of them competing in stories that have moved beyond that point, working together and exploring all of their personal demons together. People have to hand it to Net Flix.