Were you a cord cutter and now you hate not having live TV? You may want to go to directv.com and use your directv login for a new directv my account. If you broke from cable and you find that you're missing your DirecTV, you may want to head back. DirecTV is offering more premium packages if you sign up now at directv.com. To find a new package you can access the directv my account feature online and use your directv login. If on the otherhand, you've never had DirecTV, you may find that its still a better option than just having regular Netflix through a streaming device and here's why...

DirecTV is live TV

Okay, we have to admit it. We love our live TV. Even if you don't watch a lot of TV, the one thing that we can tell you is that when it comes to Netflix what's missing is the sound. You kind of get used to changing channels and hearing noise in the background. If you're in Netflix, you can spend an hour just trying to find a movie because what they consider new movies and new releases might be something from 1982. Nope. Not so new.

With DirecTV, you can get the advantage of having live TV. To start with, go to the DirecTV website and you can sign up or you can go online to DirecTV to do so. When you do, you'll be able to start your subscription right away if you have a satellite and the right cable hook-up. If not, just request someone to come out and they can help with the installation.

Directv.com packages

When you're ready to sign up for directv.com so you can access the various packages that they have with your directv my account, you can add on your favorite channels like ESPN, Disney, the various movie channels and the cooking channels. The benefit in doing this is that you have more content and you don't have to worry about only having Netflix where you have to wait for new movies to come out. Now, here's an added feature you may not know about.

DirecTV is partnering with Netflix and so are a lot of other cable channels, so you don't have to worry about missing those movies on Netflix because you will still be able to access them. That's right, you will have a new Netflix channel that will allow you to see all the movies that you want as they come out. Netflix is doing this because they know that a lot of people have saved movies in their queue that they want to continue to have access to.

Accessing Netflix and your favorite shows

When you're ready to sign up for Netflix with your Directv account or to just start a new Directv account, you can go to directv.com and set up a new Directv login with your user ID and password. When you do this, you will be able to access the Directv my account feature that can let you add the channels that you want and these are all current shows. The reason people are turning back to cable more is they know that with sites like Netflix, the shows can sometimes be old like if you're looking for recent episodes of Chopped, for example.

As Netflix works on updating their content, you can watch what you want when you want to with DirecTV. Look for the various packages that you and your family will enjoy and you can always start out with a premium package that gives you all the channels while they're running a promotion. Then when the promotion ends, decide which channels you like the best and you can keep those. That way you're not paying a really high cable bill for channels that you don't watch.

Because more and more people are looking for top content, you can watch the shows you want when you want to. Netflix is great because they may have 1-3 movies a month that you really want to see. Other than that, they have original shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. Beyond that, you can use your DirecTV account for all the live shows and content that you want. No one says you have to keep old shows and old reruns and you don't have to sit all month waiting for one movie to come out that isn't even new. Stop surfing for content that's not there and get the cable that you want with directv.com. Use your directv login and you can access your directv my account whenever you want. And the good news? With your directv my account, you can get directv.com on the go for your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. Just use your directv login!